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Introduction to Non-Resident Tuition Student Program

The Falmouth Schools are now ready to begin to welcome non-resident tuition students to its student body through an application process. This opportunity will be administered following policy established by the Falmouth School Board on May 15, 2012. A link to Policy JFABC can be found on this website. 

In summary, an Admission Committee comprised of the school principal, guidance counselor, and superintendent will review all applications. The very first determination will be enrollment projections for resident students. (NOTE: At this time, it should be noted that several grade levels are currently at peak enrollment in accordance with our class size policy and admission applications will not be able to be honored. Please keep in mind that there should be more openings available in the upcoming years.) Next, applicants will be reviewed for their match with Falmouth School programs and, with written consent from the parent on the application form, a consultation with the resident school guidance office or principal will be made.

It should further be noted that the Superintendent of Schools has final discretion regarding all non-resident tuition student placements. 

Applications will be reviewed within ten (10) school days of submission. Once an application is preliminarily reviewed for space availability and, when appropriate, a consultation has occurred, parents will be notified with one of three responses: 

  • Space is available and a contract will be offered (see Policy JFABC-E) 

  • Space may be available but enrollment of resident students needs to be monitored over the summer until two weeks before the opening of school, when final notification will occur 

  • It is clear that space will not be available at this grade level for the school year applied for; application will be held, if requested, for consideration in the next school year

During the school year applications will be given similar consideration.

Thank you for your interest in the Falmouth Schools! Our hope is that this program will allow students from the Greater Portland area to have other excellent educational options available to them, and as well our students can benefit by welcoming regional students and their families to this school community.