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Equity & Inclusion

Equity Vision Statement 

The following vision for equity is aspirational. It is meant to guide our work.  It is where we would like to be.  We understand that the work is ongoing and evolving.  As we learn and grow, so should our vision for equity.

At Falmouth Public Schools (FPS) we celebrate each individual's unique identity and inherent potential. We believe all staff, students, and families should feel safe, welcome, included, and have a sense of belonging.  In order to do this, we acknowledge that educational equity includes individuals, relationships, and systems.

We commit to confronting and challenging common colonizing practices by:

  • Supporting all individuals to feel connected, represented, and valued without fear of prejudice or bias;
  • Developing and updating equitable policies, practices, and systems; 
  • Fostering and sustaining an environment of inclusiveness;
  • Uplifting historically marginalized voices;
  • Seeking and developing anti-bias curriculum and providing fair and just access to educational opportunities; and
  • Allocating resources to ensure the sustainability of this vision

All members of FPS are committed to thoughtful and frequent reflection that ensures accountability to this vision. 

Last updated August 2023

Learn More About Falmouth Public Schools DEI Consultant Lawrence Alexander
We are very pleased to announce that Falmouth Public Schools has retained consultant Lawrence Alexander to support our efforts to create “a culture and climate that is safe, equitable, and foster wellness” (Strategic Compass Point: East) and to respond to the recommendations included in the 2022 Equity Audit (see the equity page of our website).   

ME DOE Statement & Commitment of Support for DEI Work in Schools
The Multicultural Calendar
Addressing Harmful Language and Symbols in Our School
Identifying and Addressing Ableism

Discrimination and Harassment

School Board Policies
AC - Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
JICK - Bullying

Dr. Richard Gowers, FHS Principal, Title IX Coordinator
Jennifer Kelly, Director of Learning, Affirmative Action Coordinator

Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated by Falmouth Public Schools. 

Equity Audit Report & Community Dialogues

In 2021, Falmouth Public Schools conducted an Equity Audit to inform our efforts to achieve greater equity and inclusion.

Community Dialogue Presentation - January 19, 2023
Community Dialogue - February 16, 2022 : Equity Audit Report
Equity Audit Report (Short Version)
Equity Audit Report (Full Report)