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JICI - Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

The Falmouth School Department believes in the important value and opportunity that participation in co-curricular activities can provide to students as an enhancement of their general educational programing. The Falmouth School Department supports providing the activities as an opportunity for students to explore personal interests, foster personal growth, and to engage in additional alternative educational experiences outside of the classroom. These opportunities are offered to students through both competitive and non-competitive environments as a privilege.

Students of the Falmouth School Department will be required to uphold this code of conduct along with all other department policies, rules, and/or administrative procedures as a condition of eligibility for participation.

Students of the Falmouth School Department will follow the following principles as it relates to their conduct at all times while participating in any co-curricular activities. Students will also recognize and acknowledge that as a participant in co-curricular activities that they are exercising their privilege as a participant with the understanding that they bear responsibilities and privileges which are greater than those afforded to students not participating in co-curricular activities. As such, students of the Falmouth School Department will recognize that they are, at all times, a representative of their school, their peers, their advisors, their coaches, their teachers, their families, and their community.

Principles of Participation:

  1. Students will recognize that their personal wellness and education are their top priority while a student of the Falmouth School Department.

  2. Students will actively seek to continue to grow and support their personal passions and interests in a positive healthy approach which is supportive of their personal growth, their education, and those of their peers.

  3. Students will actively exhibit positive attributes and conduct themselves in a respectful manner as representatives of the Falmouth School Department and the Town of Falmouth.

  4. Students will abstain from behaviors and/or practices which are self-detrimental and dangerous to their personal health, general wellness, and their education.

  5. Students will support, respect, and encourage their peers, both within the Falmouth School Department and outside, in a fashion which is mutually supportive.


Adopted: October 17, 2005 (effective November 18, 2005)

Revised: April 23, 2013