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JHCB - Holiday Observations

The Falmouth School Department values a society with diverse religious and cultural traditions that are meaningful to the students and adults in the community.

Religious holidays and traditions provide the opportunity for confirmation and hope to individuals and families and provide rich opportunities for learning. It is the responsibility of the schools to create awareness of and sensitivity to our diverse society and its many cultures and traditions in an educational, non-biased manner using presentations of symbols, decorations, artifacts and music in balanced manner within the teaching-learning process. We seek to establish and maintain a comfortable climate for learning throughout the entire school year and to accommodate the need of students of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to the extent reasonably possible. Parents and community members can be valuable and unique resources for learning about diverse holidays and traditions. In keeping with respect for varying traditions, students shall not be polled to determine their religious persuasion nor should any expectation be expressed about how each student should celebrate his or her holidays. When informed that their students may be affected, teachers will take holiday observances into account when planning classroom activities.


Adopted: March 17, 1997

Revised: May 18, 2009