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JHCA - Physical Exam of Students Participating in School Sports

The Falmouth Schools require a pre-participation physical evaluation of all students who plan to play a school-sponsored sport any time during their middle or high school years. A copy of this exam must be on file at the school before a student can participate in school sports. The physical exam must be current within the 12 months of the date submitted to the school.

Only one physical exam is needed when first participating in a middle school sports program and again when first participating in a high school sports program. Athletes sustaining a major injury or receiving a significant medical diagnosis are required to submit a new physical exam for clearance to participate in sports as stipulated by the school nurse and/or athletic trainer.

Legal Reference: TITLE 22 MRSA SEC. 4001 ET SEQ.

Adopted: September 1980

Revised: December 14, 1992, February 24, 2014