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JFCIAA - Student Assistance Team Policy

As a concerned group of school personnel, the Student Assistance Team (S.A.T.) is dedicated to helping students and parents find assistance for dealing with problems which interfere with a healthy, productive lifestyle. The team assists through individual assessment, plan development, referral and coordination of services.


The Student Assistance Team is a group of school professionals whose function is to identify and redirect students exhibiting “at risk” behaviors before they experience school and social failure.

At risk behavior includes but is not limited to the following: failing grades, depression, absenteeism and truancy, physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse, self-injury, suicidal tendencies, and alcohol/drug use, abuse and dependency.

The S.A.T. functions as a systematic prevention/intervention process which makes it possible for school personnel to determine which students are having problems and refer them for help.

The team is made up of individuals employed by the district. Others may be invited to serve on a case by case basis.


Legal Reference: Section 504 P.L. 93-112 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973)

Adopted: January 24, 1994