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JAA - Middle School Athletics Statement of Purpose

The Falmouth School District believes that participation in athletics is an integral part of the total educational experience for middle school students. The middle school athletic program provides participants with unique opportunities to further develop positive self- esteem and the core values of honesty, integrity, caring, respect, citizenship, pursuit of quality, and responsibility. Therefore the district will strive to provide a diverse selection of opportunities for students to participate in.

The middle school athletic program is the athlete's first experience with interscholastic competition; therefore, it is important that this program be designed so that maximum participation will be the rule. These are extremely formative years for the young athlete. The recreation enthusiast of the elementary grades will be encouraged to evolve into a more dedicated athlete who will now begin to make the important commitment to teammates, coach and school.

Coaching Philosophy
Coaches at this level shall encourage their team members to develop their skills, their sense of responsibility and their physical fitness. A spirit of cooperation should emerge as young athletes begin to develop both competence in their chosen sport and awareness of their own sense of self-worth. These are years of maturation and growth for young athletes, so they must be handled with sensitive encouragement by coaches, teachers and parents alike.

No-Cut Policy
Falmouth Middle School shall have a no-cut policy for middle school athletics. All middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in athletics if they choose, providing that any established eligibility requirements are met. In addition, student- athletes must be active participants and in good standing with team rules and guidelines.

If the numbers warrant, the school district will make the necessary adjustments to accommodate larger and/or additional teams. An additional paid coach will be hired if numbers warrant another team. Every attempt will be made to acquire additional games and competitions within the conference and county schools. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent and/or his/her designee to ensure that all participants have an equitable experience.


Adopted: June 4, 2013