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IKFA - Early Graduation


Falmouth High School offers a comprehensive curriculum which includes a wide range of opportunities for students of diverse abilities and interests; alternative programs to meet the individual needs of students are an integral part of the high school’s program.  Under certain conditions an exception to the regular four-year academic sequence (Early Graduation) will be considered as an educational alternative.  However, to be considered for early graduation, a student must follow the procedures outlined within this Early Graduation Policy. 

Early Graduation Criteria:

Candidates who are interested in early graduation must apply through the Guidance Office by June 1st of their sophomore year or, in exceptional circumstances, during the first two weeks of the junior year.   The minimum criteria a student must achieve to be considered for early graduation are:

  1. Accumulation of at least ten (10) Carnegie Units of graduation credit at the completion of the sophomore year (grade 10);

  2. Successful completion of the following school graduation requirement at the end of sophomore year:  English, 2 credits; mathematics, 2 credits; science, 2 credits; social studies, 1 credit; physical education, 8 quarters;

  3. A minimum cumulative average of eighty (80) in the student’s academic program through the end of the sophomore year;

  4. No failures in any academics courses through the sophomore year;

  5. No credit reductions due to the attendance requirements outlined in the student handbook through the end of the sophomore year;

  6. A student may earn no more than four and one half ( 4 ½) Carnegie Unit credits in alternative programs outside of the Falmouth High School curriculum toward graduation requirements;

  7. All Carnegie Units of credit earned in alternative programs to be applied toward a Falmouth High School diploma must be approved in advance by the high school principal; and

  8. The early graduation candidate must complete all Falmouth High School and State of Maine graduation requirements in a program approved by the high school principal before a Falmouth diploma will be awarded.

Students applying for Early Graduation must comply with all procedures contained in the attached Early Graduation Application.  (IKFA-E)

Early Graduation Procedures:

To apply for early graduation a student must follow these steps.  An incomplete application will not be considered.

  1. Make an appointment with a guidance counselor to discuss early graduation and to review application procedures.

  2. Obtain and complete the application form.


Adopted:  March 5, 1986