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IKF-R2 - Community Service Requirement

In order to graduate from Falmouth High School, all students are required to complete a minimum of thirty hours of community service. The protocol for completing the community service requirement is found in the student handbook.

The community service requirement will be administered as follows:

  • Faculty advisors will guide students through the community service requirement, beginning in the freshman year.

  • The guidance department will maintain a list of approved community service activities.

  • Students will seek prior administrative approval for a community service activity not on the resource list.

  • Students will complete at least twenty hours of service before the end of their junior year.

  • Students who enter Falmouth High School after the freshman year will have their community service requirement prorated by the Principal.

  • Students will record their community service in the principal's office.

  • Community service hours will be documented on the students' report cards.

Approved: June 16, 2003