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IKE - Progress Through Grades

The Falmouth School Board adopted the system of learning results and the Maine Department of Education’s applicable rules.  The learning results system is intended to serve as a foundation for education reform and to provide assessment of student learning, accountability and equitable opportunities for all students to access the content standards.  The Board recognizes that the legislative intent of the learning results system is to provide children with schools that reflect high expectations and create conditions where these expectations can be met.

In response, the Falmouth School Department offers a planned program of instruction designed to assist students in meeting the content standards of the system of learning results for each grade.  There is a core body of knowledge and skills, consisting of a specific course of study and benchmarks within each content area, that all students should know and be able to do at a particular grade K-10.  It is expected that all students shall be provided with multiple opportunities to learn and to demonstrate their learning and that a formal plan will be put in place for students who do not demonstrate or who exceed the identified core body of knowledge and skills.

In general, students will progress annually from grade to grade; however, the Board further recognizes that some students may require a shorter or longer time to meet the content standards and other instructional goals.

Effective communication with parents is critical to a student’s success in school as progress is carefully monitored.  The Superintendent, school administrators and teachers are responsible for ensuring that parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through progress reports, parent-teacher conferences and other appropriate means.  Parents are encouraged to keep themselves informed regarding their child’s progress and to inform their child’s teacher(s) of any information that may impact the child’s school performance.

When progress is determined to be inadequate for an individual student or a student exceeds the identified core body of knowledge and skills, a district response to this need will be identified.  School administrators, teachers and guidance counselors shall consider the following student response options in making recommendations:

  • modified plans in the classroom

  • individual student support

  • extended day

  • extended year

  • revised course of study

  • differentiated instruction

  • placement

When a change in grade of school placement is under consideration, school administrators, teachers and guidance counselors shall consider the following factors:

  • information regarding the student from the local assessment system

  • information regarding the student from parent input

  • other indicators of academic achievement

  • attendance

  • motivation, attitude and behavior

  • age

  • siblings

  • program options 

  • individual educational plans

  • any other issues pertinent to the particular student’s school performance

The building administrator shall be responsible for making the decision regarding retention or acceleration, in consultation with the student’s parents, teacher(s) and guidance counselor.  Parents dissatisfied with the building administrator’s decision may appeal to the Superintendent of Schools in writing within 14 calendar days.  The superintendent shall review the matter and request further information, if appropriate.  The superintendent’s decision shall be final.

Decisions concerning special education students shall be in consultation with the Pupil Evaluation Team.


Adopted:  February 2, 2004