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IHGB - Home Instruction Program

A student may be excused from attending public school if he/she obtains equivalent instruction through a home instruction program that complies with applicable Maine laws.

Written Notice of Intent
The student’s parent or guardian must provide a written notice of intent to provide home instruction simultaneously to the Superintendent of the school unit in which the student resides and to the Maine Commissioner of Education within ten calendar days of the beginning of home instruction. The notice must contain all of the information required by law.

Annual Assessment of Student Progress
The law requires that students in a home instruction program participate in an annual assessment of the student’s academic process. If the test is administered through the school unit where the student resides, the parent or guardian must obtain the agreement of the Superintendent or designee prior to submitting the written notice of intent to provide home instruction.

On or before September 1st of each subsequent year of home instruction, the student’s parent or guardian shall file a letter with the Superintendent of the school unit and the Commissioner stating the intention to continue providing home instruction and enclosing a copy of one of the forms of annual assessment of the student’s academic progress as specified by law.

Roster of Students Receiving Home Instruction
The Superintendent shall maintain a roster of all students eligible to attend school within the school unit who are receiving home instruction.


Legal References: 20-A MRSA § 5001-A (3) and (4)
Maine Department of Education Rule Chapter 125

Cross Reference: JEA – Compulsory School Attendance
IHBGA – Home Schooling – Participation in School Programs

Adoption: May 18, 2009