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IHCDA - Post Secondary Enrollment Options

This policy establishes the requirements for student enrollment in post-secondary courses taken before high school graduation. Students may take courses at post-secondary institutions. All requests will be subject to prior approval by the principal.

Student Eligibility Requirements
A student must meet the following criteria prior to enrolling in a post-secondary course:

  1. Meet the course admission standards of the post-secondary institution; 

  2. Meet with his/her guidance counselor to develop a plan describing how the course will help the student meet graduation requirements; 

  3. Provide evidence of parent/guardian approval of the plan; and, 

  4. Obtain approval of the principal.

Awarding Credits
High school graduation credit for a course taken under this policy shall be awarded as follows:

  1. The course must meet for a minimum of one semester. 

  2. The course must meet any applicable Learning Results standards. 

  3. The student must earn a passing grade in the course

    • The grade will be weighted at the honors level 

    • The grade will be converted to the Falmouth grading scale. 

    • The grade will be included in the student’s GPA. 

  4. Attendance must satisfy the instructor’s requirements. 

  5. If the above criteria are met, the student shall receive one-half Carnegie unit per 3 to 4 credit semester course.

Financial Responsibility
The student and his/her parent/guardian are responsible for paying for all tuition, textbooks, course fees, and transportation costs. Under extenuating circumstances, the School Department may assume some financial responsibilities upon approval of the principal and the superintendent.

School Unit Reporting Requirements
The Superintendent shall make parents and students aware of the post-secondary enrollment options through handbooks and other appropriate means.


Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA §§4771 et. seq.
Chapter 127 (Maine Department of Education Rules)

Adopted: September 8, 2003