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IHBAA - Referral and General Education Interventions Policy

It shall be the policy of Falmouth Public Schools to refer all school-age students suspected of having a disability that requires special education to the IEP Team for an evaluation in all suspected areas of disability.  Referrals of students to the IEP team may be made by parents at any time, and by professional school staff regardless of the results of  the initial child find activities, but after completion of the general education intervention process.  Other individuals or agency representatives (including representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services) with knowledge of the child may also make referrals.  Any such referral should be made in accordance with procedures that may be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.  

Regardless of the source of the referral, a referral will be considered received by the school unit on the date that the written referral is received by the office of the Director of Special Education.  It shall be signed and dated by the Director of Special Education or designee, thereby indicating the date of the receipt of that referral.             

The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the Director of Special Education, may develop procedures for referral and the use of general education interventions within the local school unit, and may from time to time amend those procedures as necessary.         


References:  Me. Dep't of Educ. Reg. ch. 101,  §§ II(17),  III,  IV(2)(D),  (E),  V(4)(A)  (July  2011).         

Adopted:   June 18, 2001

Revised:    March 17, 2014

Revised:    March 2019