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GCEA - Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes

It will be the responsibility of the principal or his/her designee to assign a substitute to fill any vacancy caused by the temporary absence of a regular staff member. The substitute teacher shall be selected from a list of approved substitutes furnished by the Superintendent's office.

In the filling of these temporary vacancies, an effort shall be made to secure substitutes who have training or experience at the level or in the subject specialization of the teacher who is absent.

Substitute teachers must have a four year degree from an accredited institution and have presented appropriate documents and evidence of a criminal background check.

Substitute Teacher Salary Scale
Per diem will be paid to substitutes as determined by the Superintendent of Schools.

  1. Substitute assignments lasting a minimum of two (2) consecutive weeks but less than eight (8) consecutive weeks, which require the substitute to perform lesson planning will be paid at a higher rate.

  2. After eight (8) consecutive weeks in the same assignment, substitutes with proper certification will be placed on the BA-0 step of the teacher salary scale.

  3. The Superintendent has the discretion to negotiate certification requirements or amounts in excess of the above in order to fill vacancies, as he or she deems necessary and appropriate, subject to Board approval.

Legal Reference: TITLE 20A MRSA SEC. 13402

Adopted: PRIOR TO 1989 

September 19, 1994,
November 16, 1998,
December 20, 2010