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GCE - Job Share

The Falmouth School Department believes that job sharing can provide flexibility to employees in achieving personal and professional goals. The Falmouth School Department further believes that, in some situations, the School Department can accommodate job sharing, but that decisions regarding job sharing must take into consideration the effectiveness of the organization as well as the office/program/classroom.

When evaluating a proposed job share, the Falmouth School Department shall take as its primary criteria the impact that job share will have on students. The Falmouth School Department places a high value on continuity for our students and, therefore, will only allow job sharing under the conditions where it is evaluated on an annual basis.

Job sharing is defined as two employees sharing the responsibilities of one full time position. Because of the unique nature of job sharing, procedures for job sharing are different from Falmouth School Department created part time positions. A plan, including a weekly work schedule, is to be developed by the employees involved and submitted for approval to their immediate supervisor. In order to maintain a desirable ratio of full time positions to job share positions, job share positions will not exceed a ratio of greater than 1:3 in any grade level or program (three full time positions to one job share position).

The following procedures will be observed in job share positions:

  1. Job share proposals must be prepared and presented to the immediate supervisor by March 1 of each school year.

  2. All job share positions will be subject to an annual review.

  3. In taking a job share position, an employee can only return to full time work if an appropriate position opens. Another teacher with lesser seniority cannot lose his/her position as a result of a job share employee requesting a return to full time employment.

  4. Employees wishing to make application to share a position must submit a written request to the immediate supervisor using Form GCE-R. The supervisor will make the determination as to whether or not a job sharing situation will be recommended. Final approval regarding job sharing recommendations to the Falmouth School Board will be with the Superintendent (or his/ her designee). In no instance will job sharing be approved that does not have the approval of the supervisor.

  5. Job share partners will attend and participate in fall and spring parent teacher conferences, staff meetings and inservice days.

  6. Job share participants can substitute for his/her partner by exchanging coverage of days/hours. Partners who substitute without an exchange will receive the current substitute pay rate.

  7. Employees requesting to job share must have taught for three years in Falmouth.

  8. Benefits paid by the Falmouth School Department shall be prorated according to the percentage of time each employee works in a job sharing position (e.g. sick leave, personal leave, vacation leave, paid holidays, school department’s insurance contributions).

  9. Employees who job share shall receive step and salary increases in accordance with Board policy. A job sharing employee working half-time or greater shall be eligible for a step increase on the salary schedule. A job sharing employee working less than half- time shall accumulate step increase credit annually, which will be rounded up after it accumulates to more than half.

For the purpose of calculating years of experience on the School Department’s staff seniority list, job sharing employees will be credited for one-half (1/2) year experience for each year of service in a shared job.

Adopted: May 20, 2002