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FF - Naming Facilities

Falmouth School Department facilities are a source of pride for our community. They are a tangible reflection of the commitment of the citizenry to the education of our children. Therefore, the School Board may choose to name all school facilities or portions only after careful consideration of the message being sent to the community by the name(s) selected.

The Falmouth School Board will consider requests from school and community groups to name a building; a portion of a building; building furnishings, equipment and artwork, a campus; or a portion of a campus for persons or organizations that have made significant contributions of time, talent, or treasure to the Falmouth School Department.

The School Board will seek comments and recommendations from faculty, staff, and the community at a public meeting prior to approving such namings.

The District will provide the plaque or marker conveying the name. The Board shall approve the plaque and its location.


Cross Reference:

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Adopted: January 16, 2001

Revised: June 7, 2010