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BEDB - Agenda

Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
The Superintendent, in consultation with the Chair, shall prepare an agenda for each meeting of the Board. Board members, school unit staff, groups or organizations, and members of the public may submit written requests to the Board through the Chair or the Superintendent for items to be placed on the agenda. The request must be received a minimum of seven days prior to the meeting at which the group or individual wishes the item to be addressed by the Board in order for it to be considered for the agenda of that meeting. The Chair and Superintendent shall make the final decision regarding placement of items on the agenda.
The agenda will be distributed to Board members, the media, and to designated school- affiliated organizations no later than five days prior to a regular meeting of the Board and, whenever possible, two days in advance of a special meeting. Copies of the agenda will be posted and/or available on school unit website. Anyone desiring additional information regarding an agenda item should direct inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent. Copies of the agenda will also be available at the Board meeting.

Additions and Adjustments to the Agenda
After the meeting has been called to order, the Superintendent or Board Chair may recommend additions and/or adjustments to the agenda of a regular meeting or, unless otherwise prohibited by Board policy, to the agenda of a special meeting.
Additions and adjustments to the agenda do not apply to an emergency meeting of the board because such a meeting is called for the purpose of addressing a single matter that requires immediate action.
Any Board member who wishes to add an item to the agenda may offer a motion to that effect. Such a motion shall require a second to proceed to a vote.
All additions to the agenda must be approved by a majority vote of the members present and voting.
In order to facilitate its business or to accommodate groups in attendance, the Board may adjust the agenda by changing the order of business. Such adjustments shall require the consent of the Board by majority vote.
Because the provisions in this policy regarding distribution and posting of the agenda are intended to provide public notice of the business that will be considered, additions to the agenda will be limited to items of business that cannot reasonably wait until the next regular Board meeting.


Cross Reference:
BE – School Board Meetings

Adopted: February 26, 2007