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AD - Educational Philosophy

Guided by values and committed to excellent

The Falmouth School Department recognizes that we live in a world society, where technology, social, economic and political forces stimulate a changing environment.  With such a dynamic society, one’s ability to adapt to change is critical.

In meeting this challenge, the acquisition of basic skills becomes essential.  However, since we cannot forecast with certainty what today’s students will need to know as tomorrow’s adults, we believe each child should also be able to direct his/her own learning by developing skills in independent inquiry, decision making, and communication techniques which lead to the effective use of knowledge.

The School Department will strive to create an environment which will provide opportunities for each of our students to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally which in turn will lead the students to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

In order to achieve our purpose, a collective effort is necessary.  It takes a community determined to have the highest dedicated faculty and administration.  It requires a student body committed to the realization that the right and privilege of education demands responsibility on its part to be involved in the learning process.  Finally, it requires a positive and forward thinking School Board dedicated to evaluating school programs and to providing the support and resources necessary to achieve the goals of the School Department.


Adopted:  Prior to 1989 

Revised:  December 16, 2013