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IHB - Class Size

The goal of the Falmouth School Department is to provide class sizes that are well within the suggested maximum limits set by the State of Maine (25:1).

Research shows that a lower teacher/student ratio enhances the educational process, particularly in the lower elementary grades. Primary grade (K-2) students require more individual attention than students in the upper intermediate grades; therefore, it is the intent of the Falmouth School Board to observe, whenever possible, the following suggested class size guidelines.

K - Grade 2 Maintain a student : teacher ratio of 20 : 1 or less

Grades 3-5 Maintain a student : teacher ratio of 24 : 1 or less

Grades 6-8 Maintain a student : teacher ratio of 25 : 1 or less

Grades 9-12 Maintain a student : teacher ratio of 25 : 1 or less

A higher ratio may be allowed for non-traditional scheduling or large group instruction. The recommended class size may be exceeded to meet the academic needs of individual students.

In the event a class size exceeds the above limit, the School Department will notify the Board. The Board has the option of adding an additional teacher or teacher assistant depending on:

  1. The degree of excess above prescribed grade level guidelines;

  2. The availability of space; and

  3. The availability of financial resources.

Adopted: April 1988

Revised: March 16, 1998