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AFC - Evaluation of Administrators

The Superintendent shall implement and supervise an evaluation system for all administrative personnel.  He/she shall report to the Board annually on the performance of all administrators and make recommendations regarding their employment and or salary status.

Formal evaluations shall be made at least once a year, but more often during the first two years in an administrative capacity.  The evaluations shall be conducted according to the following guidelines:

  1. Evaluative criteria for each position shall be in written form and made permanently available to the administrator; 

  1. Evaluations shall be made by the Superintendent; 

  1. Results of the evaluations shall be put in writing and shall be discussed by the Superintendent with the administrator;

  1. The administrator being evaluated will have the right to attach a memorandum to the written evaluation

 All results of the evaluations shall be kept in confidential personnel files maintained at the Superintendent’s office.


Adopted:   November 16, 1992