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School Board


The Falmouth School Board meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm. Regular and workshop meetings will be held in the Falmouth Elementary School cafeteria. Special School Board meetings may be called with prior public notice. All Board meetings, including special meetings, are open to the public. Agendas and minutes for each meeting are posted in all schools, the Falmouth Town Hall, the Falmouth Memorial Library, on Cable TV, and on the school’s website.


All meetings will be held in the elementary school cafeteria and take place on Mondays unless otherwise noted.
See the 2021-2022 School Board Meeting schedule 
View Past Meetings Online

Members of the School Board

Whitney Bruce (Chair) - term exp. 2024
64 Oakmont Drive   207-956-1817

Nicole Bezanson (Vice Chair) - term exp. 2024
372 Falmouth Road   207-831-0609

Krisztina Napolitano - term exp. 2022
34 Woodlands Drive   207-329-3891

James Cahan - term exp. 2022
22 Surrey Lane   408-316-9684

Christopher Hickey - term exp. 2023
5 Greenway Drive   207-536-7067

Jennifer Libby - term exp. 2023
1 Providence Ave   207-650-8223

Matthew Pines - term exp. 2023
96 Underwood Rd   207-747-5782