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School Board

The School Board serves as the governing body for the schools, with responsibility for ensuring that the schools adhere to state law.  Members of the Board, while elected by town residents, are not representing constituents in their role on the school board, but rather representing the state.

Board members have authority as a single board voice, not as individuals. Board responsibilities are defined by the state and fall into the following categories: select superintendent, set policy, adopt annual budget, manage the collective bargaining process for employees of the district, and act as court of appeals.

Members of the Falmouth community are welcome to share their perspectives with the Board by contacting Board members or participating the public comment during the monthly business meeting.

Members of the School Board

Analiese Larson (Chair) – term exp. 2026
12 Falmouth Ridges Rd | 207-329-6491  

Laurel Regan (Vice Chair) – term exp. 2025
6 Timber Farm Way | 207-317-6068  

Nicole Bezanson – term exp. 2024
372 Falmouth Rd | 207-831-0609 

Whitney Bruce – term exp. 2024
64 Oakmont Dr | 207-956-1817 

Alicia Johnson – term exp. 2026
15 Olympic Dr | 949-573-0971 

Sara Juli – term exp. 2025
17 Falls Rd | 917-797-6959  

Emily Martin – term exp. 2026
14 Landing Woods Ln | 207-653-7070   

To reach all seven members of the board, you may email:

Student Representatives - elected, non-voting representatives of the student body.

Jamila Ahmadova - Class of 2024            Abigail Werthman - Class of 2025    

Interested in serving on the Falmouth School Board? Please see this Information Packet.


The Falmouth School Board meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. If the first or third Monday is a holiday the meeting will be held the following day. When the first or third Monday occurs during a school vacation week, the meeting will take place the following Tuesday. These shifts are intended to avoid conflict with Town Council meetings

Special School Board meetings may be called with prior public notice. All Board meetings, with the exception of Executive Sessions, are open to the public.  At this time, only the School Board Business Meetings are recorded. 
The School Board Meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes can be accessed here. 


The meeting schedule and agendas for the Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, and Wellness Committee can be accessed here.


Current Falmouth School Board Policies can be accessed here.