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Record of Activities

Organized by 
Falmouth District Schools
Intercultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee (IAIC)
Last Updated September 23, 2021


This document serves as a centralized source of information for local stakeholders to describe their work to-date, in progress, and plans for the future regarding matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion in Falmouth District Schools.

Please add your activities (along with relevant dates, timeframes, and/or progress status) to the bullets. Please also add and invite other stakeholders whom you see may be missing and relevant to the purpose of this document. Please follow the organizational guidelines by adding your information under the relevant school year and month for your school (most recent school year at the top, please!), along with the name of your group at the start of the bullet. Following these guidelines allows for easy navigation for all. 

For more information on the IAIC, please visit us at "Intercultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee" link under "Resources" on the Falmouth District Schools homepage, where you can find the IAIC’s Vision, Mission & Values. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us through Falmouth District Superintendent Gretchen McNulty at

Stay safe and well!

Thank you,
Falmouth Intercultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee (IAIC)