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Visions, Mission, and Values

Falmouth Public Schools’ Intercultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee is dedicated to creating an environment where all community members and visitors feel welcome and safe. We develop and implement practices and procedures that empower us all to feel free to be ourselves, to risk courageously, and to fail productively, so we may grow and thrive in our learning and lives. 

To realize our vision, we champion discussion and actions that align with the following values for community development:

We commit to developing better individual and collective self-awareness of our implicit personal and systemic biases, and to educating our individual selves and community members on best practices related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

We commit to mastering a vocabulary, along with the verbal and non-verbal skills of expression, necessary to facilitate healthy communication regarding discrimination, inequity, and injustice of all kinds, including those related but not limited to body, disability, ethnicity, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), immigration status, intelligence, learning differences, nationality, politics, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.

We commit to providing expert guidance, instruction, training, and other educational experiences for students, parents, staff, and administrators to help each individual internalize their knowledge and language of anti-bias practice, better understand one another’s lived experiences, and to support us all in our collective development into a stronger, kinder, equitable, more cohesive, and inclusive community in-tune with real world issues. 

Intercultural Awareness & Inclusion Efforts Record 
Record of Activities 2016-Present