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Strategic Compass


Navigating Creative Pathways to Courageous, Compassionate, and Fulfilling Lives


Falmouth Schools Beliefs and Practices

Student Learning Outcomes

Clear and effective communication
Self-directed and lifelong learners
Creative and practical problem solvers
Responsible and involved citizens
Integrative and informed thinkers

Background/Ongoing Process

Given the demands of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the objectives we laid out in our 2-year strategic plan in 2019 were understandably displaced for the greater part of that 2 year period. Nonetheless, we made great strides forward in several areas within the plan.  During the spring of 2021, we conducted surveys of families, staff, and students to help us reflect on our direction.  In June, a working group of teachers, administrators, and educational technicians came together to review the collected data and make recommendations for areas of celebration and areas of further growth (The 2019-2021 Falmouth Compass: Reflections & Celebrations). As part of the summer working retreat, the leadership team spent a good deal of time reviewing and adding to this work, and honing in on our steps forward.

Given that the challenges of Covid-19 persists and continue to call for new learning and shifts in practice, we see our compass as more important than ever in helping us stay focused on the directions that we most value.   We also made the determination to establish objectives for this coming year only (rather than compiling a 2-year plan) as the most thoughtful way forward.  

Falmouth Schools 2021 - 2022

I. All students in school every day: safe, healthy, and learning (Health and Safety Plans to open the 2021-2022 school year)

  • Pool Testing - TBD
  • Ongoing review and adaptation
  • Situation Room Collaboration

II. Foster trust, connection, strong relationships, and respect through our communication with staff, students, families

  • Responsiveness to community
  • Internally: agendas, decision-making protocols
  • District Updates, Principal Updates
  • New Website

III. Foster achievement of Compass Goals:  

  • Goals for each school / School-specific
  • Leadership Team Collaboration

NORTH: A cohesive, dynamic, and responsive K-12 Learning Pathway

> Includes NEASC Priority #2: Written Curriculum
> Includes NEASC Priority #2: Grading & Reporting Practices

SOUTH: Ongoing, collaborative Professional Learning Structures that strengthen and improve practice

EAST: A Campus Climate of respect and wellness

> Includes NEASC Priority #1: Student Social Emotional Wellness

WEST: Community Connections that foster authentic learning and citizenship opportunities

IV. Continuing the Forward Planning

  • Supporting completion of the NEASC update & engaging community in feedback following NEASC visit (December)
  • Supporting completion of the CMSI Equity Audit & engaging community in feedback from report (Winter)
  • Engaging Community Dialogue (Spring
  • Develop Multi-year Strategic Plan & annual goals for 2022-23

Read the 2019 - 2020 Falmouth Compass: Reflections and Celebrations