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Campus Master Planning

The Campus Master Plan draft report was presented for and discussion at the May 1, 2023 School Board Workshop. Following the presentation, the public were invited to participate in a Q&A. The 5/1/23 presentation is available here


Purpose, Plan, and Process

The Falmouth Public Schools Campus Master Plan will guide planning of our 125-acre campus for the next decade and beyond, informing future planning to steward Falmouth's resources and best align the district's strategic priorities as we create an ever more successful and vibrant K-12 learning environment. 

Why are we engaged in a master planning process at this time?

Falmouth Public Schools has identified the development and implementation of a campus facilities master plan as a strategic priority that supports our Guiding Principles.

Several factors demand a careful review and reconsideration of our campus learning environment, including the age and wear of our facilities and infrastructure; expansion of programs and staff required to serve evolving student needs; our obligation to meet state education requirements; and campus design and systems that optimize security, accessibility, functionality. sustainability, efficiency, and aesthetics and mental well-being. 

What is the goal of our master planning process?

Our goal is to implement a campus facilities master plan that supports district and community needs, and promotes what is best for our students. The planning process will use data, input, and feedback from all stakeholders (students, staff, community, etc.). Campus design and offerings will be responsive and provide benefit to the broader community. Process and determinations will account for the importance of both long-term vision and fiscal responsibility. 

Additional campus facilities master planning objectives are available in our strategic vision

Steps in the planning process:

Winter 2021-22 – Falmouth School Board Facilities Committee reviews Request for Quotes (RFQs) to guide the master planning process. Selects Oak Point Associates, a Maine-based architectural design and engineering firm that specializes in education planning. District Master Planning Team formed, which includes school board members, district leadership team members, and lead architects from Oak Point Associates. 

Spring 2022 – District Master Planning Team conducts constituent surveys and focus groups. 

Summer 2022 – Oak Point Associates conducts site surveys and interviews and compiles data. 

September 28, 2022 – District Master Planning Team hosts community charrette to share information and solicit feedback on planning and development options. Facilities Assessment & Campus Master Plan  presentation slides

November 14, 2022 – Oak Point Associates and Falmouth School Board presented the Falmouth Town Council with a Master Plan Overview

January–March 2023 – Oak Point Associates completed feedback sessions with community members, students and staff, and representatives from several Town departments. January 12, 2023 Campus Master Planning Presentation

Next steps:

May 1, 2023 – A draft report of the Campus Master Plan for School Board review and discussion was presented and discussed at a School Board Workshop. May 1, 2023 School Board Workshop presentation

Aerial photo of Falmouth Schools campus in colored pencils